Local Motors Shenanigans

I’ll go ahead and say it right now, I look terrible in this video. I’ve been working on some 3D printed furniture over here at LM, you can check the video out at the page below:


I concatenated all of my videos and featured articles for LM here at my site. You can find them at the link on the nav bar above!

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Featured on Hackaday!

The TOME made the front page of HaD! Corey and I are devoting a large amount of time and resources to get the TOME to market, please help support us by following the project!

Check it out!

Tome 2

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Hackaday Prize entry

Last night I posted a project on Hackaday.io in order to enter it into the Hackaday prize. Any support is appreciated, i’m very excited to finally get this project completed!


If anyone reading this feels like helping out please feel free to donate, anything will help us to achieve our goal.

In other news I’ve been filming many more videos at Local Motors in order to document the build process of a open source vehicle DAQ/Controller.

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In my new home!

Alright so I’m “Settled” a bit in AZ, but my new apartment is still in shambles. Local Motors is by far the best place I have ever worked. I can’t believe I get paid to have fun all day. I filmed my first “How To” video on Thursday, I haven’t done much actual engineering yet as we are neck deep in preparations for the Local Motors Summit 2014. However I think in order to effectively engineer improvements for the current LM product lines I need to know how to put them together with my eyes shut anyway. Check out the video!

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Toaster oven…. What toaster oven?

So I have been delving into a multitude of projects to finish before my move to Arizona. I’ll be starting full time at BioLite Stove in the city for 4 weeks, and then i’ll be moving out to Tempe Arizona to work for Local Motors as a Vehicle Design and development engineer. Very exciting, but very busy times over on this end.

I plan on doing a full write up for this once It’s complete, but that might have to wait until next month once I’m out in Free America.

More soon!



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3D printing for vets

With several of my friends coming home from military deployment I gladly joined them for some overdo range time. One of my friends had injured his hand in the past but the tendons never healed properly and he can’t grasp small objects very easily. When shooting his Ruger 10/22 Takedown he complained that he couldn’t shoot more than a few rounds before having to take a break due to the pain caused by grasping the rifle with his support (injured) hand. He doesn’t seem to have any issues with using angled fore-grips and I decided to try and make his 10/22 more comfortable. My design guidelines are as follows:

1. Must provide for a noticeable and significant improvement in usability and  ergonomics
2. Cannot modify the stock in any way (No drilling holes!)

My first prototype is a slide on (from the front) which fastens to the stock using the existing barrel/stock fastening screw (A bushing was pushed into the counter-bore to provide a secure fit) and with two clamping screws in the front. It will get its first range test this weekend. The barrel band pictured is installed backwards, the rounded bottom edge faces towards the muzzle, it’s designed to fit a small pistol sized light/laser.


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New Site

It has been quite some time since I have last posted. The new site is up and running but needs a lot of work. I’ve tried to put up pictures for each project page and will be working on finishing each page in the coming weeks. A lot has changed since my last post, I continue to be embarrassed with the “Top Engineer” casting video, the show never even aired so it was all for naught. Since my last post I have changed jobs, moved into an apartment with my better half, rescued a puppy from a local shelter, bought a laser cutter, got a 3D printer, built an enclosure for my CNC mill, ran a team that competed in the Red Bull Creation contest (2013), and turned the dining room in my apartment into a work shop.  Here are a few pictures, many more updates to come.

Lazor Milling Machine enclosure 20130930_151621



Click for video!


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