First update

So, I doubt there are more than 5 (which is still being optimistic) people actually going to read this but I am trying to start a habit of posting at least once a week. So I figured I’d post a small update:

  • My OP-1 Project listed under the NERF madness section was set up, I am going to try and get the images into the gallery on the site as well instead of just Flickr.
  • I added a basic E-bay feed to my page under “Stuff for sale”, hopefully I’ll have time to tinker with the style and add more items for sale
  • I added a gallery and a slideshow section to the site but certain images aren’t displaying correctly, still a work in progress
  • I created a basic logo, havent been on an extremely creative burst lately but I’ll get around to making an actual logo sooner or later

That’s it for now =D