3D printing for vets

With several of my friends coming home from military deployment I gladly joined them for some overdo range time. One of my friends had injured his hand in the past but the tendons never healed properly and he can’t grasp small objects very easily. When shooting his Ruger 10/22 Takedown he complained that he couldn’t shoot more than a few rounds before having to take a break due to the pain caused by grasping the rifle with his support (injured) hand. He doesn’t seem to have any issues with using angled fore-grips and I decided to try and make his 10/22 more comfortable. My design guidelines are as follows:

1. Must provide for a noticeable and significant improvement in usability and  ergonomics
2. Cannot modify the stock in any way (No drilling holes!)

My first prototype is a slide on (from the front) which fastens to the stock using the existing barrel/stock fastening screw (A bushing was pushed into the counter-bore to provide a secure fit) and with two clamping screws in the front. It will get its first range test this weekend. The barrel band pictured is installed backwards, the rounded bottom edge faces towards the muzzle, it’s designed to fit a small pistol sized light/laser.