Past Projects

Here you will find a list of all of my projects from my past, my present, and future projects or ideas. I hope this section of my webpage will showcase not only what I have accomplished or hope to accomplish, but what I am capable of as an engineer. My projects range from solar-electric raceboats, to sup-ed up NERF guns, to robotic prosthesis; I am a firm believer that throughout life we should be intellectually challenged, constantly bombarded with demands for new ideas. I am also a firm believer that every human should be paid based on the quality and quantity of their work, and that open source betters our society as a whole.

Several of my current projects I consider “not for profit.” I have included a donation button on both of those projects pages, if you feel that this research and development is something you believe in please donate. All of my projects are primarily self funded, they will progress whether I have donors or not, however any assistance financially will assist in the process resulting in a faster delivery of the prototype.