Top Engineer

So if you are reading this and are wondering what “Top Engineer” is, it is a new Discovery channel show that is currently casting mad engineers and machininsts.

If you are reading this and know what “Top Engineer” is, well you are probably from the casting department or you watched my casting video. Please keep in mind this site wasn’t started too long ago and is FAR from finished. However I decided to put this post together to give a little more insight into what I have accomplished and why I should be part of this show.

All these photos and MUCH MORE are up on my flickr page, feel free to browse =)
Don’t forget about my Youtube page too!

BTW, this is my room…. and yes there is still a bed in it:

and here is my personal CNC machine:

First is a scale, this was a scale designed for a course at Stony Brook University that was designed and manufactured by myself.

CAD model:

Finished product:


Next up is my NERF blaster, designed and built to show off some of my engineering skills during the Humans Vs. Zombies event my university hosted

Starting point:

CAD design:


Finished product:


Next up is my solarboat V1, named the SBS Seawolf 1. This boat is COMPLETELY my design.


Finished Product:

Unfortunately I could not fit the vessel back down into our shop and it had to be dismantled =(

Next up is the SBS seawolf 2, orders of magnitude better than it’s first brother =D


Finished product:


Next is my second version of my Uber NERF blasters, once again…. just for fun =D. There are a ton of videos explaining this blaster on my youtube channel.


Finished product:

And next to it’s big brother:


Finally comes my prothetic hands, there are still a work in progress and I can’t show you the current versions (however here are some of the older renders and prototyped parts):



Hope you enjoyed =D

Check out my Flickr stream for more!

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New Logo

So I haven’t updated this in a while, but there are several new developments that warrant a new post. The first of which is a new logo =D, this logo will be the official logo for the time being and encompasses both this site as well as my robotics ventures and prosthetics.  My current project pages will be updated shortly to include the pages on the boats I designed/built while heading up the SBU Solar Boat team, as well as the mini baja page.

The other big development is that I just purchased a Makerbot replicator, so shenanigans will ensue.

Oh and I have decided to build a replica avenger and dress up for PAX…. so stay tuned.

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First update

So, I doubt there are more than 5 (which is still being optimistic) people actually going to read this but I am trying to start a habit of posting at least once a week. So I figured I’d post a small update:

  • My OP-1 Project listed under the NERF madness section was set up, I am going to try and get the images into the gallery on the site as well instead of just Flickr.
  • I added a basic E-bay feed to my page under “Stuff for sale”, hopefully I’ll have time to tinker with the style and add more items for sale
  • I added a gallery and a slideshow section to the site but certain images aren’t displaying correctly, still a work in progress
  • I created a basic logo, havent been on an extremely creative burst lately but I’ll get around to making an actual logo sooner or later

That’s it for now =D


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Getting the hang of things

So after a little bit of tinkering I broke the site (Picasa plugin ended up being to blame), but a quick trip through the directory and a few deleted items and I’m back in business. I absolutely love how easy wordpress is to use, definatly a good starting point if you want to get a site up and running quickly.

You will notice I am beginning to get the navigation for the site working, there is still alot to be done but I am hoping to begin uploading pictures for my project pages shortly. My amazon affiliate application was approved so I will be adding an E-store in the near future where you can buy materials for certain posted projects.

My very own logo and banner is in the works, I hope I can get it uploaded within the next week. Unfortunately I’ve been holding off on most of this site until after the FE exam which is this Saturday.

Stay tuned!

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Hello world!

I figured it was about time to have my own site, it has been live for a few hours so hold tight while I get this bad boy up and running. First order of business is getting my portfolio of my current and past projects up. After which I will probably alter the layout of the site and start creating pages for each of my current projects.

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